Waiting…Waiting..and still Waiting


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I just want to be honest with you.

This week I procrastinate a lot. I  have no desires to do what I usually do in my regular routine. I am almost delay of my devotion (I know I should be disciplined in this matter). And the cons, I noticed I get easily grumble, irritated and impatient of petty things.

Have you experienced praying for something to God and it feels like no answer coming? And it took you years or probably decades of waiting for answers.

If that is a yes, well, you are not the only one. I won’t be beating around the bush; I am in the season of my singleness. I know it’s a gift from above but why is this season making me feel it’s a problem. I’ve been praying for almost 5 years now.

For some, my 5 years of praying is nothing compared to the people in the Bible such as,

  • Abraham waited for a total of 25 years of God’s promise. The promise was he will be the father of all many nations through his own son.
  • Moses waited 40 years in the wilderness.
  • Joseph waited 15 years to get out of the jail.
  • Jesus waited 30 years to begin his ministry.

Those are just a few people in the Bible but look at those years of their waiting compare to mine. But I started to feel impatient to God. I want him to give it now! (Like a toddler asking for a Popsicle) I remember in my prayer, I express my heartfelt honesty to God,

Why is it to some people it’s easy for them to have their partner or after they broke up they can easily find a replacement? And to me your treasured possession, what took it so long? What hinders you Tay to bless me, my lifetime partner? Am I not capable to handle relationship? Am I not prayerful or not yet ready for this season?

I began to question God. I felt tired of waiting.

I believe everyone comes to the point of being tired of waiting, not just on the part of desiring a lifetime partner. We have so many concerns in life. Waiting for a perfect job, healing for long-time sickness, having a house of their own, having a baby, being a boss of their own business and many more. We are waiting to God. We are waiting for breakthrough. Right?

Now, I realized that it is so selfish of me to think that God is delaying things for my sake, which is not.

As I read my Bible today, the Lord encouraged me in Psalm 68:19,

Praise be to the Lord, to God our Savior who daily bears our burdens.

I almost forgot that we have God whose our Savior and who also bears our burdens daily.

I just want to give emphasis on this word “daily”. Meaning, whatever concerns we are dealing day by day. Our good Father is also dealing it, without missing a day. For us to think that we are just doing it on our own, no, we are not bearing it alone. Our daily concerns is God’s daily concerns too! I think it is just so difficult to see God’s dealing in our daily lives, when our minds, eyes and hearts are too focused or consumed of our unfulfilled longings in Him. And allowing the pressures of life to pass through in our inner beings. Instead of focusing our minds, eyes and hearts to the Giver who doesn’t withhold good things to his people. And where we can encounter him? through his word. No other way. Because if we are going to rely on secular view, it will just lead us to destruction and emptiness. Trouble after trouble. There is no peace and joy.

As for me, this season of singleness may be dull or eventless, but I believe this is a necessary part of the movement toward the fulfillment of His promise. I don’t know when will this season last but I believe this is his gift to me that I should be thankful before he gives another one.

And the same thing in your waiting too! God Bless!


28 Life Lessons of Twenty Eight-Something

I turned 28 at the end of January. I felt a little bit older but wiser in a good way. So, I decided to  share my thoughts and learnings in my 28 years of existence. From my transitioning stages, people I encountered that taught me so many valuable life lessons, and some situations that tested my faith in God.



  1. Life is temporary. Our days are numbered so make the most out of it. For God, family, church, good friends and serving people in every possible way you can.

  2. Nothing beats prayer. Prayer is such a refuge for me.

  3. Have you ever heard 1 Cor. 15:33 “Bad Company corrupts good character.”? So, be wise and discerning in choosing who you surround with.

  4. Do not rely your beauty on people’s standard. Because you and I have different views in terms of how we see things.

  5. It is foolish to trust our own understanding. Acknowledge God in everything like “Lord is this your will? Or Am I doing it right?” rather than forcing your own will.

  6. When I was a child until I reached my 20’s, I thought when you have high educational attainment and acquiring skills are the best things for you to prove yourself to become somebody. But I was wrong. It was all self- righteousness!

  7. There is nothing wrong to admit that you are being fearful or there are some unsettled issues in your heart because of your past. Talk to someone who you respect and give you the godly counsel that you need to hear. It will save you from doing irrational decisions and becoming bitter in life.

  8. Well, there are people who are mean and rude. And most of the time, they don’t think what they say. But choose to be kind anyway. It melts their heart whether they admit it or not.

  9. Everything we desire in life has its own appointed time such as our dream job, whom to marry, business and so on. God has his own timetable. Even if we think he answers late, it is still a perfect time for him. We cannot rush things.

  10. Journal is a great way to put all kinds of your emotions. The highs and lows of your life.

  11. Our pains and hurts in the past are those beauty for ashes that God uses to encourage others for his name’s sake. So, it is not wise to pretend as if you have never made a wrong decisions in your life and concealing it in your heart. I’ve been there, but it didn’t help me. Through enough, God used people in my life to heal my callous heart.

  12. Speak with grace. It’s really annoying to hear and talk with people who don’t know how to craft their words.

  13. No amount of money can compare to the joy of serving those kids under the “Maningning na Tanglaw” program and my Buildgroup (Hey there ladies Alonica and Michaela! ).

  14. I learned to surrender my own will and accept God’s will. (And it’s really hard.)

  15. It is not my duty to figure out the things ahead, it is God. I just need to obey Him even if I don’t know what’s ahead of me. It means I trust Him, my shepherd. Have you ever seen a sheep who’s ahead of his shepherd?

  16. In this world that we are trained to work and work, and rest is no longer an option. I believe it is still important to refresh our mind, body and spirit. Spend quality time with our self, family and the things we like to do than investing your whole life in working. (You are not a robot!)

  17. Put some a little makeup. Yes, a little. But hey! Don’t make it an everyday pageant even though you are just going to the market. Also, try new cut of skirts and dresses that you haven’t tried on. Embracing changes is good!

  18. Make a to-do-list that you can accomplish for the day.

  19. Don’t mind what people think of you. Because if you keep on thinking their thoughts on you, it robs your joy. As long as your actions and motives are right.

  20. Waiting is not an easy journey. In fact, we tend to become impatient during the process. But, I do know that when we wait we are expecting the best from the LORD, it takes time for him to do it.

  21. It’s okay to get nervous sometimes esp. if you are novice or you don’t have any idea at all, which reminds you that you need to trust Him. He will calm the storm!

  22. No matter how known you are during your high school years. Whether you’re the most genius, beauty queen type or coolest guy in the class, it won’t matter after you graduate. Life is way different outside the four-corner-of-the-classroom. Trust me!

  23. Investing so much time on social media isn’t a healthy habit.

  24. Do not plan your entire life. Things are subject to change. Just like what I heard to Elisabeth Elliot, “If you seek honestly the things you are sure about. God will show you the things you aren’t sure about.”

  25. It takes me years to learn this, love yourself. Give yourself a compliment. And have a break from the things that you usually do and do the things that make you feel better of yourself.

  26. Emotion is a great deceiver. Use your head don’t over spiritualize.

  27. As you age, your parents grow old too. Learn to reciprocate their love, while they are still alive.

  28. I never had a boyfriend ever since and now I understand why God set me apart for two decades and 8 years. Having a relationship and giving your heart to someone is crucial esp. if God is not the center of it. I’ve seen many relationship that totally destroyed their hearts. And the emotional damage was beyond word. As I walk with the Lord, he made me understand the true meaning of love, a love that is not self- seeking. But rather, a love that honor and rejoice in truth. So for me, deciding to have a boyfriend at this age, isn’t bad at all. Honestly, you are way mature to decide or discern the right guy whom you want to end up with. Marriage is good, if and only if you choose the right guy. Remember you are going to share the rest of your life to this unknown specie! (Lol) Seriously, be prayerful on this area. It will save you a tons of headache in the future.


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Grateful Heart


As this year is about to end, I have so many things to be grateful for. First, I thank God for this truth in Matthew 6:33. It was my verse for this year 2018. It helped me so much to cling more on Him.

Doing things for God and accomplishing your personal goal at the same time wasn’t an easy one. It really tested my faith. character and trust in Him.

As I reflected what He accomplished really amazed me. It was His strength who sustained me throughout the year (Philippians 4:16).

Below, I have listed those answered prayers that I am REALLY grateful for

  • Last April 6, I finished my undergrad in Bachelor of Science in Secondary Major in English, Cum Laude.
  • My sister and I with the support of our church (Journey Church) and good samaritans started the Maningning na Tanglaw in our community last May.
  • Our Buildgroup “CraftyModernMary” is consistently progressing. (So, if you ladies namely Alonica, Michaela and France reading this, keep the fire burning!)
  • When my name was included in BLEPT Exam Result last Dec. 07, which means I am a licensed teacher now (It was God who worked all things for me, you can read my story “BLEPT EXAM” located at the home menu).
  • The “Eatmatters” business of my younger sister is growing. Her Yema Puto is the best. You should try it 😉
  • Before this year ends,God made it possible the “DelightPrints&Designs” that offers graphic services. It was my dream for so many years, to be able to create designs and print it.And see those designs appreciated by people.

So, here are my major answered prayers for this year. Honestly, there were a lot especially those small things that made me appreciate God and life even more. Like, deep conversation with my mother and sister lie, my four-year-old kapitbahay Zianne and Estella who were always early in the morning to wake us up, our small group get together with my Pastors (Hi Pastor Rene and Pastor Rolly!) and churchmates, Buildgroup sessions every Sunday and working as a volunteer teacher aid at Tabaco National High School. And being part of Good English Movement, helped me so much how to get along with students nowadays.

And oh! Those free clothes from Mam Gene (my cooperating teacher) that I never asked for. If you are reading this mam, “Thank You!” You reminds me how generous our God is.

Lastly, I found this blog thestrongtowerministries.com that inspires me to keep walking in my faith, encourage young girls who feel helpless and write for God’s glory. (Thank you Ms. Cassidy Fuller! )

To sum it up, I treasure those intangible things, where I can see God’s love, miracle and grace everyday. It reminds me of what Apostle Paul said in 2 Corinthians 4:18, So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.”  

And even those painful and challenging season of my life, where God proved to me that He is faithful.

Truly, life is good when we seek God first and His righteousness. He will just add everything we need.

God Bless you! 🙂

How about you what are the things that you are grateful for this year?


    The 2019 Prayer List is now available at the Art + Bible Reading Plan Menu to download. I hope you like it. Merry Christmas everyone!

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